Marion County Junior Golf, Inc.
3130 East Silver Springs Blvd.
Ocala, Florida 34470

Join Us for the Thrill of the Game!

2nd Annual Adult Junior Championship Golf Tournament

Mark your calendars for an exciting day of golf at the Ocala Golf Club on Sunday, June 30th, 2024. The tournament begins with a 1:00 PM Shotgun start, featuring a dynamic 9-hole scramble for teams of one adult and one junior. Don’t miss this opportunity to compete and create lasting memories.

Our Mission at Marion County Junior Golf

At Marion County Junior Golf, we are committed to fostering a love for golf among the youth of our community, focusing on children aged 6 to 16. Our programs are designed not only to teach the fundamentals of golf but also to instill life-long values such as integrity, respect, and perseverance. Through engaging training sessions and exciting local tournaments, we aim to create a nurturing environment where young golfers can grow both on and off the course.

Our dedication extends beyond mere instruction. We believe in the power of golf to teach important life lessons. By participating in our events, like the annual adult junior championship, our young members learn about teamwork, discipline, and the importance of fair play. These values go hand in hand with developing their golf skills, ensuring they have the tools to succeed in every walk of life.

Tournament Benefits

Teamwork and Collaboration

Participating in our annual golf tournament fosters teamwork as players learn to cooperate and strategize together, enhancing their interpersonal skills and building lasting friendships.

Honesty in Play

Honesty is paramount in golf, teaching players integrity and fairness as they adhere to the rules of the game and respect for fellow competitors.

Commitment to the Game

Commitment is cultivated as participants dedicate time to practice and play, showing persistence and dedication to improving their skills in golf and personal growth.

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