Marion County Junior Golf, Inc.
3130 East Silver Springs Blvd.
Ocala, Florida 34470

The Future Of Golf…Begins Here

Ocala Golf Club

Established in March of 2011 Marion County Junior Golf has been dedicated to aspiring to introduce the game of golf along with the life values that accompany the sport of the game. This 501c3 organization instills in kids ages 6 through 16 the importance of teamwork, honesty, commitment, and good sportsmanship while having fun learning the game of golf. With the support of local volunteer board members and dedicated coaches of the game the goal is not only to introduce and hone the golf skills of the students but to encourage values that will help them succeed as they mature. MCJG welcomes all skill levels of students our coaches carefully evaluate their level of understanding of the game and how to properly advance them through the programs. Through various fundraisers and generous corporate and private donations MCJG is able to provide scholarships to families who may need financial assistance in enrolling their children in our golf camps that run spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Golf’s a Ball…Play it!

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